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5 Dashboard Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

The dashboard of the car is a place that contains most of the important controls and indicators of the parts and actions. The warning lights appear when the car starts-up and flashes in a regular sequence and after a while they subsequently go off. If everything is working well, the lights won’t come back. But


Garage Floor: Cleaning & Maintenance

If your garage has a coated floor, cleaning and maintenance shouldn’t give you a lot of headaches. Actually, the ease of maintenance is one of the primary reasons for having a coated floor. Still, there are some simple cleaning tips you should be aware of. They are pretty much the same for epoxy coated, polyurea,


The World Best Fat Bikes

Riding through the forest, Rocky Mountains o, even in snow or a joy ride through the sand is a fun activity for anyone. Fat bikes are the ideal riding gear through such terrain. The extensive surface coverage ensures more stability and gives even beginners the confidence to take that adventure. It’s therefore imperative that you