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Why Aircraft EMI Testing Is Important

Electromagnetic interference, or EMI, is a severe task in development that ensures the safety and operational security of an aircraft in flight. Electromagnetic interference is one of the main reasons aircraft passengers have to turn off their electronic devices during take offs and landings as these are critical operations of flights. Thus making aircraft EMI


Will Your Next Oil Change Be Recycled

One of the biggest criticisms by green energy proponents is that petroleum is not a renewable product like solar or wind energy.  Your oil change, so it has always been advertised, represents five or six quarts of useless sludge that will just further degrade the environment when it is put in the ground somewhere.  What


Oil Change Enduring Myths

Once upon a time, it was even the recommendation of automobile manufacturers that an oil change in your vehicle was appropriate every 3,000 miles. The fact that this recommendation is still alive and well is a testament that new car owners are not reading their owner’s manual. There are other old school service requirements regarding